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Palmolein Oil

Palm tree originated in Africa about three thousand years back. Palm oil is the product originating from the tree. The liquid fraction of palm oil is Palmolein. It had been known for its safe use since thousands of years. But the recent popularity of the oil gained momentum only after 1960 when its production was under taken by Malaysia. Ever since then the production of palm and palmolein oil has witnessed an exponential growth.

In 1984 palm oil attained the numero-uno position in the world export trade in fats and oils. It is second only to the soyabean oil in production.       

Results from research in laboratories in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and several developing countries have been published in such referred journals as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Research, the New England Journal of Medicine, the British Journal of Nutrition, Artherosclerosis, the Journal of Lipid Research, and Cancer Research. In view of the rapid progress made on the nutrition and health characteristics of palm oil, the Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council has produced a series of comprehensive reviews on the subject with the assistance of the Nutritional Advisory Committees for North America and Europe and the International Nutrition Advisory Council.           

The red palm oil has known to be helpful in prevention of vitamin A deficiency because of the biological value of its carotenoids. The tocopherol activity of palm oil is also of nutritional significance, there is increasing evidence that vitamin E may be beneficial in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and possibly of cancer.

Palm oil is also used extensively for human consumption in some countries of Latin America. In India, huge quantity of palmolein is being sold through fair price shops.Every month, 3000 tonnes of palmolein is received from the government of India and approximaltey one third is sold through the fair price shops alone. The common man is giving preference to the palmolein over groundnut due to two main reasons: Health and Price         

Both the factors play a major role in the choice of consumer in the today’s market. As the awareness towards more and more options being made available offering not only a competitive price but also catering to the health benefits of the consumer, Indian market is witnessing a swift change in the consumers’ choices.

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